How do you solve a problem like Kermit Gosnell?

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April 12, 2013 by Alex Johannigman

The Gosnell trial that has been overwhelming my social media feeds for the past 48+ hours (maybe I just have too many adamantly pro-life friends). So it’s been pretty much impossible to get it off my mind, especially considering how sickening it is. And since it’s Friday, here are my 7 quick takes on what I thought about when this story broke.

Not a very nice man.

Not a very nice man.

1. The mindset that says that abortion is totally ok can lead to some scary conclusions. I’m not implying that all (or even a significant number of) pro-abortion people think that killing babies after they are born is ok. But you can use the same argument for the legality of abortion for the legality of infanticide right after birth. Planned Parenthood has already done this, as have a couple medical ethicists, and even our own president doesn’t see any problem with infanticide for babies that weren’t wanted by their parents. And that’s honestly pretty terrifying, especially to see this mindset actually being acted upon by someone like Gosnell.

2. We can’t forget what it means to be pro-life and condemn this terrible man to death. A lot of people will be tempted to say that because of his horrible, awful crimes he deserves to die. And maybe he does. But that’s God’s call, not ours. Remember that human life is sacred from conception to natural death, for both innocent children in the womb and out of it, and for the most horrible of criminals.

3. The mainstream media is more biased towards “leftist” ideologies than I thought, and I’m not the only one who thinks so. In the past I’ve tried really hard to not jump on the “liberal conspiracy in the media” bandwagon, mostly because I consider myself a moderate who can deal with biases fairly well, but if you take a moment to compare the shooting at Sandy Hook to Gosnell’s murder of many babies and at least one adult woman, you can see a lot of similarities in a lot of ways except for one. Obviously they both had to do with the mass murder of many children and a smaller number of adults too. They both were tied to a controversial political issue, whether it be gun control or abortion. Debates around these issues both also put public safety against what is widely considered to be a Constitutional right. But one was on the news for weeks, and the other hasn’t been mentioned at all. I can’t understand the grounds for saying this trial (and similar situations) isn’t newsworthy, apart from strict devotion to the doctrine of abortion on demand.

4. The pro-choice rebuttal to this story makes no sense. According to some commenters that I’ve read from on blogs and elsewhere, this is a strong case for more abortion rights. According to them, if we had fewer restrictions on how abortion can be done, and birth control was more widely available, this would never have happened. As if this was not already the case. This makes about as much sense to me as someone making the argument that if more assault weapons were available, and if they were cheaper, Sandy Hook would have never happened.

5. We need to do more to care for the women who would seek out services from someone like Gosnell. We need more crisis pregnancy centers that can help show women that they have more options than abortion, especially abortion in places like this. And we need more men to step up and show that they can love and care for their children rather than pressuring their girlfriends and wives to seek abortions in the first place. It’s horrifying that places like this “house of horror” exist, and at least as horrifying that there are women who feel like they need to go to a place like this to get out of their current situation.

6. We need to put an end to the culture of death in general, and end the mindset that everyone should have sex with whoever they want, whenever they want, use birth control so you don’t have to worry about a kid, and if and when it fails, just go get an abortion and all of your problems will disappear. It’s a lie, and I can’t stand how a majority of our society has bought into it. I could go on, but I feel like I’ve got at least 2 posts worth of things to say about the problems with birth control and you’re probably already tired of reading this and just want me to get on to my last point. The simple fact is that as long as there is a demand for sex when you aren’t open to the possibility of children, or at the very least the possibility of you or your significant other being pregnant for 9 months before giving the child up for adoption, there will continue to be a demand for abortion, and people will continue to suffer and die because of it.

7. While abortion may be legal, it’s far from being safe. Between stories like this, and another from last year, oh, and this one too, it is clear that adult lives are also being lost to abortion in our country. Yet pro-abortion advocates still seem to be doing what they can to keep abortion as accessible as possible, even if it comes at the cost of safety, claiming that  laws which hold abortion providers to the same standards as hospitals are only aimed at increasing costs and putting abortion providers out of business. They’ve been saying things about these laws like “They were thinly disguised as improving patient safety, when really it was about increasing the cost for abortion providers — hoping that some of them wouldn’t be able to afford it.” (From the previously linked article above) If the choice is between saving money and saving lives, I would be disgusted if my health care provider said the former was more important.

Hopefully this will serve as a wake-up call for everyone who supports legal abortions in this country. I pray that they will realize that in many abortions across the world, the exact same type of violence is happening, except that in most of those cases the child is still in the womb rather than right outside of it. Abortion is violent. It is violence against women, and it is violence against innocent, young human lives. If you don’t believe that, I encourage you to do some research into fetal development and how abortions procedures actually work, especially for late term abortions. And even though I’m sure most pro-choicers will not change their minds about the morality and legality of abortion because of this, can we at least agree that there is a need to raise safety and sanitation requirements so we can save the lives of some adult women, even if it costs more money to do so?


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