A Tuesday in the life of a missionary

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October 23, 2013 by Alex Johannigman

Welcome to part 5 of my “week in the life of a missionary” series. If you missed Monday, you can read it here.

6:20am– Wake up and get ready for the day.

6:21am- As I open the door to go take a shower, I see the bathroom door close as another missionary goes to take a shower. I am not pleased, since my soap and shampoo are in that bathroom. I guess I’m not getting a shower before mass. The joys of community life!

6:40am- Meet downstairs to begin praying the rosary as we walk to the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception for 7am mass.

7:00am– Mass at the cathedral begins.

7:30am– Mass ends and I stick around for about 10 minutes for more prayer time

7:45am– Return home and take the shower I wasn’t able to get earlier.

8:15am– Breakfast

8:45am- Free time, which is mostly spent writing.

9:30am– We pray our gathering prayer in the chapel before we each leave for our different agencies.

9:40am– Maggie, Hannah and I leave the Seton House for work. I drop Hannah off at Catholic Charities and Maggie and I continue to Regis University.

10:00am– Arrive at Regis. About 30 minutes after arriving, Tony and I take Maggie on a tour of the campus. Since this is only her second day here, she still doesn’t know where most things are. While on the tour, Maggie happens to run into an old friend in the field house where the athletic trainers work. Small world.

The green bandanna on his leg says he's still a human. The gun attached via shoulder strap and pack of ammo says he's a survivor.

The green bandanna on his leg says he’s still a human. The gun attached via shoulder strap and pack of ammo says he’s a survivor.

12:15pm– After spending nearly 2 hours walking around campus, we go to the student center for lunch. Zombies vs Humans is still going on at Regis all week, and I see two zombies ambush a surviving human right outside the dining hall. Sad day for the poor human who will now spend the rest of the week as a zombie seeking human prey…

1:00pm– Leave the cafe to go to Guardian Angels School. I’m usually there every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon helping with anything from janitor work to grading papers. Today I spend most of the time with Maggie and Tony giving Maggie a tour of the school and explaining what we usually do when we are here. She loves working with children, so I’m excited about her getting a chance to help out with the Kindergarten or first grade classes this year.

3:00pm– Return to Regis. I spend the remaining hour of my work day continuing work on a hat that I started knitting on Monday.

4:00pm– Leave Regis and return to the Seton House.

4:30pm- Arrive at the Seton House and spend some time finishing up my blog post about Monday.

5:00pm– Evening prayer in the chapel.

Happy Feast Day Blessed John Paul II!

Happy Feast Day Blessed John Paul II!

5:30pm– Dinner. The intended dinner is some sort of artichoke bake, but it isn’t really cooked all the way. Some of the girls try to microwave it and make it edible.The guys look through the fridge for other leftovers that they can reheat. I end up eating a microwaved Chick-fil-a patty that was donated on Monday. The good news is that it is the feast day of Blessed John Paul II, which means we’re having a party organized by our fun committee, aka the Pier Giorgio Frassati Committee. To celebrate we are each given a card with a fact about JPII that we have to figure out.

6:15pm– After dinner we each have to do our assigned chores for the week so that the house is clean before an alternative break group from Benedictine College arrives tomorrow. My chores include cleaning the dining room and the JPII room. I am very determined to finish my chores as fast as possible so I can get some more food somewhere.

7:15pm–  Several of us are finished with chores and we decide to go to Wing Stop. Wing Stop has been a popular destination for Keegan and me on Tuesdays since they have $1 beers and $0.60 wings. It’s hard to beat a deal like that, especially when you live on a missionary stipend.

8:30pm– We return home just in time for night prayer in the chapel.

8:45pm– Staying true to my procrastination habits from grad school, college, and before that, I start preparing for a class that I am teaching tomorrow at the Samaritan House. I spend the next hour thinking about what I want to say about Eros, Philia, and Agape and put together a quick PowerPoint presentation, a skill I mastered during my years at Capital One.

9:45pm– Play Pokemon X for about 45 minutes before going to sleep around 10:30.


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